Just a little dead man's fat, now shut the f*ck up and let it drip in your mouth. THIS THURS the dysfunctional Avenger's of the Beach arrive. #SummerBiggestComedy #BAYWATCH

5/22/2017 2:30:08 PM 1367

JOHNSON / HANKS 2020. 🇺🇸 We had a blast, as I "announced" my run for POTUS on our season finale of #SaturdayNightLive and asked my good buddy Tom Hanks to be my running mate. Congrats SNL cast and crew on a dynamite finale and THANK YOU everyone for tuning in and having fun with us. #johnsonhanks #2020 #MorePoiseLessNoise #SNL #seasonfinale 🇺🇸✊

5/22/2017 1:07:32 PM 4073

THIS THURS. Like cocaine for your eyes, the biggest action comedy of the summer arrives. Wait, what? #yourejusttan #BAYWATCH

5/22/2017 12:55:40 AM 1436
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Honored to rock my new iconic jacket. #SaturdayNightLive #seasonfinale #5timersclub #AndItFitsTheOlPecMeatNicely (and thank you all so much tuning in and making it special). 🤙

5/21/2017 10:38:28 PM 3210

10am. Warming up. Pre #SaturdayNightLive clangin' & bangin'. Mind sharp. Focus relentless. This workout will help me sharpen a new teenage rap character I might debut tonight, called #icepube . #amtraining #hardcore #snlfinale #5xhost TONIGHT @NBC.

5/20/2017 6:54:52 PM 2013

Proud of my ohana (family). Check out the dope NEW vid to one of my fav workout anthems "GO HARD" on @Vevo! Link in my bio to watch FULL VIDEO. *** Regardless of what color we are or what walk of life we come from, achieving our goals become real when we put in the consistent, daily hard work and above all else, we #gohard . Huge congrats to my hard working ohana @laurenhashianofficial, @aja_elan & @walterfrench (all three who wrote and performed) and the rest of talented Go Hard team. Very cool to see this song become a success and motivate/inspire the people. Myself included. Humble hungry. #BloodSweatRespect #firsttwowegive #lastoneweearn #gohard

5/20/2017 2:00:28 PM 1039
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This was funny. I was wondering why my feed was blowing up from women watching #TheBachelorette. Appreciate the bro-luv from all the guys on the cast. Started to think about it... If I wasn't who I was today - not famous and just a guy trying to find that elusive luv on a hugely popular reality TV show. I WOULD BE A TERRIBLE CHOICE if I were on the show as a contestant. I cuss too much, my hands are too calloused and rough, my sense of humor is straight up outhouse rated R, I sing off key, think taking drives in my pick up is sexy and find great pride in being the current reigning, defending, undisputed heavyweight tongue wrestling champion of world. I'm 100% positive I would get kicked off the show's first episode when I ask The Bachlorette, with a cool wink.... You ready for a shot at the tongue wrestling title woman? No rose for DJ and he immediately gets sent home. But he does go home a champion.

5/19/2017 2:20:01 PM 1884

Luv this one & her personality. Very infectious and insanely talented @katyperry. Not sure who the big, brown, bald tattooed one is with the shirt ruining the pic but whatev.. We're goin' out with a bang! #SaturdayNightLive #seasonfinale

5/19/2017 12:39:51 PM 1928

We run in slo-mo, we kick ass in high speed and you pee yourself from laughing so hard. The dysfunctional Avengers of the Beach finally arrive. #BAYWATCHIN ONE WEEK MAY 25.

5/19/2017 3:29:12 AM 1518

"Baywatch was a risky Rated R movie to make, but producer, Dwayne Johnson and crew have overcome the risks and delivered the most fun (and hottest) action comedy of the summer". Thank you press amigo. Team work, makes the dream work. #DysfuntionalAvengersOfTheBeach #baywatch NEXT THURS!

5/18/2017 6:58:20 PM 1967

Congrats to our #baywatch #SlowMoChallenge winners Justin Chen (@Justintimeguy), Rich Guy (@TheDarkBlu) and Jimmy Pope (@Jimmythepope)!! These guys (and gals) went from having a slow-mo house party in Baltimore to joining us in Miami for our big #baywatch world premiere premiere! Glad you guys had a blast and loved the movie! And yup, I love holding contests because, truthfully...I love giving fun sh*t away. BAYWATCH MAY 25

5/17/2017 6:11:38 PM 1256
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EXCLUSIVE: Our @BAYWATCHMovie cast looking on @ParadeMagazine’s Summer Entertainment Guide. Even the soles of @ZacEfron’s feet have abs! What an a**hole he is for being awesomely cool and do a flying karate kick. #baywatch MAY 25th

5/17/2017 3:03:13 PM 1223

Here's the epic culmination of my dude @LoganPaul's attempt to join our @BAYWATCHMovie squad. It began months ago when I had to tell Logan that his part was cut from the movie. I didn't want to let our blondie babyface bro down, so I said, "If you're up for a challenge...and I don't mean growing facial hair...your work starts now..." Cut to today, he's looking for a way to win the heart of our BAYWATCH bae @AlexandraDaddario. You definitely can't #bebaywatch if you can't get the girl, so I set him up w/ my boy @LifeOfDesiigner to create the this craziness called #SongOfTheSummer. You're going to want to watch this...LINK IN BIO. #baywatch MAY 25th.

5/17/2017 2:56:48 PM 842

It’s time to #rockthegqcover !! Kicking off a very cool contest where you guys have the chance to win a private screening of @BaywatchMovie in your hometown with all of your friends and family. Here’s what you gotta do - Get yourself a copy of my latest issue of @GQ Magazine, do your best recreation of the cover, then share it on Instagram with the hashtags #rockthegqcover AND #contest . I’m personally picking the winner soon, so be sure to get your photos in by this SUNDAY! Get iconic, get sexy and get funny. #rockthegqcover #contest #BAYWATCH * More info in my bio.

5/17/2017 4:38:27 AM 2877

I truly luv and appreciate every single one of these good humans. @thejonbass @priyankachopra @ilfenator @alexandradaddario @kellyrohrbach @zacefron. They all bring their unique values and qualities to elevate the game. They're all PHENOMENAL and F'N HILARIOUS in our movie and I'll happily commit and go the distance with them anytime. Just say the word and I got your backs. And your fronts. Let's all talk about the elephant in the room here...our four bad ass & talented leading ladies are just straight up alien level gorgeous. So good looking they're from another planet. It's just stupid. Stupid. #AvengersOfTheBeach #BAYWATCH MAY 25th.

5/16/2017 2:51:46 PM 2097
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Our anchor. Last week was the hardest I've ever had to manage w/ an average of 3 1/2 hours of sleep per night due to work and travel. Fun. Yesterday I woke up at 5am, dog tired, blood shot eyes and stepped into my gym before I had to meet with the press and "be on" all day. Thought what the fuck am I doing? Do I just do cardio to get some blood going and wake up or do I turn around and not do anything due to fatigue. I said, ahhh fuck it and decided to train legs. Hardest and most grueling to train. Wound up having one the best workouts I've ever had. Grateful for my anchor. We're all busy, we're all tired, we all got families to feed and work to get done. Whatever it is, find your anchor. Use it and project it. It'll help bring you balance in this crazy thing we call life. For the record, your anchor does NOT have to be weird shit like big heavy chains that look like they belong in the next SAW movie. #FindYourAnchor️ #ironparadise #sexychains

5/16/2017 1:57:58 AM 3694