N O U R I S H #latergram of the delicious nourish bowl I made over the weekend which I loved so much that I prepped extra for my lunches this week (doesn't look quite as pretty in my containers though) ✖️Eat the Rainbow✖️ Ever wonder why your mum told you to 'eat the rainbow'? Each colour contains a different phytochemical which is basically a different health benefit for the body. Eating a wide variety of vegetables also ensures your are getting a wide variety of essential vitamins and minerals in your daily meals. So next time your making a delicious meal, see how colourful you can make it - it won't only put a smile on your face but will benefit your health as well🥑🥒 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Be Well by Ruby Health, Fitness and Wellness Coaching 1:1 PT at @fitnesslifestudios Online Training Programs ✖️NEW nutrition coaching programs coming soon!✖️ Based at @fitnesslifestudios Email me ruby@fitnesslife.com.au

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OH, HELLO MONDAY!!! #fitgirl stylechallenge Today has been super busy...again!! I've decided to only do one massive post each day to accommodate my busy workout, work, and mom schedule! A couple weeks ago I changed my schedule at the salon to a Monday to Friday shift so today is actually my Monday--NEATO!!! I have never had weekends off before, and I'm friggin' loving it!!! Spending more quality time with my family is really important to me right now and I couldn't be happier. This was my day: Coffee✅ Row for 30 minutes✅ Eat my baked apple pie oatmeal✅ Bike for 60 minutes✅ Get ready for work ✅ Work 12-5✅ Eat some vegan chili for supper✅ Prep a double batch of glo bars✅ RELAX!!!✅✅ It's been a very long day and I look forward to crawling into bed in a couple hours with a good book!!! Hope everyone crushed day one!!! I'll be slowly catching up on some likes tonight and over my work week between clients!! Hope you all have an amazing evening and a beautiful Tuesday!!! Love you all!!! ❤️❤️ #fitgirl #ohhellomonday #longday #busyday #sweatieselfies #cardioismysuperpower #cleaneating #vegan #plantbased #mealprep #happiness #ivegotthis #letsdothis #letsgo #allonsy ❤️❤️

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This is the face of someone who got THE BEST massage today. 🤤 I have had a sore left heel for a little over a week...thought maybe the start of plantar fasciitis. I had been foam rolling like crazy {I had posted a video about it last week if you want to see how it's done}. It has helped TREMENDOUSLY, the pain is barely noticeable! But I wanted to have a professional also take a look and provide a little more relief. Massages are a "luxury" I began budgeting for when I started bringing in additional income from my health coaching gig. I never really practiced self-care before that, which is really sad. I, like many, thought how selfish it would be to spend that money on something like a massage. BUT what I have learned is that self-care IS NOT SELFISH! It's good for the body & soul. ✌ I decided three years ago that I would always invest in my body and treat it like a temple. Spending a little money on workouts, whole foods and self-care now, spend less money at the doctors office down the road!

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Thanks to everyone for your continued support! Just a few of my very happy, satisfied peeps! #dlisheats #Chef #mealprep #ocfood What's your time worth to you? Imagine even just one nights meal prepped and delivered to your home or workplace. No shopping, no bringing groceries in, no prep, no cooking, no clean up...think of all the activities you could get done!!! Maybe even pass my food off as your own? Put it on a fancy plate! Just saying the possibilities are endless! Details in Bio

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Tried a one-pan recipe with chicken, broccoli and potatoes for one of my meal options this week, and I think it's a new favorite!!! You can't beat a meal in one like that too!❤️ . If you would like this recipe, comment below and I will send it your way!!

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100 degrees and Pre-Workout going DOWN ⤵️ I have this newfound fire inside me to kill the next 6 weeks of 22 Min Hard Corps • I struggle with balancing life but I take it DAY. BY. DAY. and always get through • Focusing on growing my struggles into strengths Share your struggles - I want to know you!

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