I was a long hot summer day and Tyshawn was exhausted. June 21st - the summer solstice - he had spent the day tending to his garden weeding, planting and daydreaming about the upcoming days... August 31st - It wasn't official, but Ty could feel summer ending. Annoyed and unsettled he headed to his garden for peace of mind. To his surprise, his patience and hard work payed off. He couldn't believe how lush and vibrant his garden looked. He noticed a vine climbing up a wall and wrapping around the gate. It was beautiful and strong. He couldn't stop following it, wondering where it lead to. Ah - something is there. What is it? Ty reached the vine. He traced his hand along the roots until he reached his prize. There in his palms was a Jasmine flower - in full bloom... ❤ Mine ❤ #mcm #work #hustle #inspiration #muse #passion #bae #love #cheesylove #extracheese #storytime I love this man you guys! I mean look at him - how could you not be!

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Key to success- stop taking advice from people who are not successful in your field!

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When the mailman is a regular at my house it feels like Christmas everyday or as I call it FITSMAS because he is always dropping off more fitness equipment or fitness toys for me and the C Results Fitness family to use. I'm a big fan of these #slingshot bands especially since they upgraded them with better grip. When clients have their glutes on fire from a few exercises I have them do with these why not get a few that will make it burn just a little smaller. #cresultsfitness #life #wheredoyoutrain #toys #gifts #summer #slingshot #fit #fitspo #lifestyle #getfit #personaltraining #personaltrainer #bootcamp #bodybuilding #nj #grind #hustle #workout #results #bunsofinstagram

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We carry the strangest things in our wallets... I was moving all of my stuff from my treasured robot wallet into a lighter weight 31 wallet (thanks Jenna Carlson) and came across these fortunes from dates with Nathan over the last couple of years. How prophetic they've turned out to be. I don't know yet what my MRI shows, but when folks first started throwing around words like, "ruptured disc," and, "surgery," my very first split second reaction was panic: "OMG I can't get buried under medical debt AGAIN!!!??? I SPENT 2010-2015 paying off medical bills!!" Followed immediately by a weird sense of calm: "Kelly, you have this. SIDE HUSTLE." Here's why I'm thankful this is happening now: I have seniority at work and am eligible for FMLA, which is awesome, BUT it's unpaid. So, YAY because I have supplemental insurance that pays out (more than half, but not all) my monthly income plus extras for medical tests and surgeries, etc. So that helps. And NOW, because I've stopped being afraid of my dreams and decided to revive them, because I stopped accepting less than I'm worth and got creative in pursuing additional revenue streams, I don't have to stress it. I can focus on healing, and taking care of myself. Why, yes fortune cookie, my dreams HAVE brought me into a profitable venture . Two years ago, if this was happening and I needed surgery, I'd be totally hosed. I wouldn't be able to focus at all on what I needed to do to make sure I was well and whole and healed. (Not to mention I'd still be half crippled and not in any position to heal and recover quickly...) Sooooo if you have dreams buried deep down inside of you that you've been stifling because you, like me, have been living in a state of perpetual fear or financial PTSD and didn't think dreaming was ALLOWED anymore - maybe we should talk. I assure you, dreaming is allowed with my #sidehustle , even encouraged, and there's nothing to stifle those dreams here, but you. #dreambig #lifechangingskincare #sidehustle #hustle #spinalrehab #nevergiveup #cantstopwontstop #fortunecookie #prophetic #wallet #strangethings

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Did my first 5 rides and I'm HOOKED!!! Imma try not to live in my car lol. But anyways the money is there guys. If you got a car and wanna make that bread, use it. Get ur side hustle on. #uber #easymoney #uberdriver #rideshare #hustle

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