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Monday Blues.....

5/23/2017 12:16:41 AM 1

> The Big Mac with smoked paprika mac & cheese, smoked belly bacon, pickled jalapeno + buttery croissant And The French Brioche toast chocolate ganache, coffee parfait, blueberry marmalade, salted caramel, seasonal fruit and honeycomb | @whitemojo < The piggies finally tried white mojo's Balwyn store! Our first impression of the cafe is the staff are incredibly informative and helpful, especially with some very indecisive piggies Everything on the menu just looked incredible and we were tossing up between so many dishes, however, we finally decided to get these two extremely yummy dishes! The Big Mac was something we never thought we would ever try. The combination of Mac n cheese and a croissant never crossed our minds to try until we saw how good it looked! The Mac and cheese was so perfect and cheesy. The butteriness of the croissant complemented this so nicely and broke up the extreme flavours of the cheese The addition of bacon, jalapeño, and smoked paprika gave the dish a really nice flavour and smokiness which tied everything together! We also got the French toast because how can you say no to such a gorgeous dish! They were incredibly soft and fluffy and each bite tasted very sweet and had a strong vanilla/cinnamon essence to it. Our favourite part of this dish (apart from how pretty it looked) was the coffee parfait which was creamy and rich and really made all the flavours tie in together. The honey comb was a beautiful touch as it added a layer of texture and sweetness that the dish wouldn't of had. The marmalade and seasonal fruit was a nice refreshing kick especially after the very rich dollop of chocolate ganache We've seen the black latte on Instagram various times so of course we had to try! The flavours were so interesting and sweet. It was a combination of stone grinded black sesame, almond and peanut with steamed soy milk. It had a very earthy flavour and the texture was a little rough which made the drink a tiny bit hard to finish. However, we would recommend giving it a try if you do try this cafe The breakfastpiggy team Piggies out, Oink oink . . . #breakfast piggy #piggies #breakfast #brunch #lunch #food #foodporn #delicious

5/22/2017 10:29:47 PM 31
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Philly Cheesesteak, cheese fries with bacon bits and strawberry lemonade from @charleysphillysteaks #phillycheesesteak #lunch #niagarafallsusa #victoriadayweekend

5/22/2017 9:59:22 PM 1

please get the strawberry donuts they are truly a life changer

5/22/2017 9:31:53 PM 1
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After mistakenly winding up in this weird joint- called Poppy- I promptly hauled ass to Mecca for a guac-burger & cake. #foodventures

5/22/2017 8:26:29 PM 0

I Persian food...here is some delicious Mint yogurt marinated lamb sirloin, spinach date salad!this place never fails to surprise me. #foodventure #foodventure s foodventure #foodlover #foodphoto #foodphoto graphy #foodphoto grapher #foodie gram #foodstagram #foodie #foodporn #food #foodblogger #foodshot #foodheaven #ilovefood #rumiskitchen #avalon #avalon dining #datesalad #salad #salad s #persianfood #persianfood s #persianfood ie #yummysalad #yummyfood #atlantaeat s #atlantaeat #atlantarestaurants #saimajewettphotography

5/22/2017 7:54:54 PM 0
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