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UFABET backup link Online casino As a hobby, aside from being fun and challenging during your free time,

it is also another secret of brain management.

According to the analysis of Chinese elderly people in Macau who like to play gambling or even playing mahjong regularly,

there is a percentage of brain quality that has not deteriorated or forgotten. To Alzheimer’s

When compared to the same age with people who do not like to gamble,

it’s not strange if many Chinese people are still healthy because of the clear mind from using the brain. In the old days, he liked to play What about playing with animal torture?

Play equipment Animals

that will be tortured for gambling

such as turtles, rabbits, dogs, and other cats, such as crickets, must have a wooden spinning device.

Which method how to play Depending on the type or type of animal

By torturing animals in pain or intoxicating and fighting each other,

such as turtles putting fire on their backs

Crickets can be used to spit or provoke anger,

burying chickens or fasting etc.

In which players may be owners of rival animals Or the backer

It can be seen that it is a very torture game,

but today our website has developed We will take you to play anything that disrupts other people’s lives.

Can play without knowing the ripe

But also fun to gain knowledge

That is to play chuck Play equipment Satang coins vary according to the number of players.

How to play

You will specify the throw line with the finish line 1-5 meters away or as required.

Players will toss the coin from one side to the other,

the coin that is thrown closest to the line has the right to toss the coin near the 2nd coin line 3 and so on.

Players often have to agree beforehand that can be folded, folded,

or folded as much as possible.

can continue to be played if correct If pitching is not possible, the next coin does not have the right to pitch that coin.

3 or more coins

  • Winners can pitch every coin. Any coin is not cheap, not broken.
  • If the coin is very close, use it gently. Okay. Will lose only half or not waste. In which the organizer of the play (the dealer) may or may not Can believe that the throw game

Will allow us to play without feeling guilty Is a creative game that we bring into the online casino system That can be played anytime, anywhere

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